The beginning of March represents the approaching arrival of spring for most people, but for personal training studios like 30 West Fit, it is one of the busiest months of the year. Though wellness-inspired New Year’s resolutions are made on New Year’s Day, many of those people with good intentions encounter obstacles and recognize that – to start moving forward with results – they need guidance.

“Traditional gyms see an influx of new members in early January because the new year offers an ideal time for a fresh start, and people see it as the ideal time to begin working out, losing weight and feeling better,” said Dominic Anastasio, a certified personal trainer, and founder and owner of 30 West Fit in Kettering. “Some lose interest after a month or two, and never gain momentum. Others spend a few weeks going to the gym, working out half-heartedly and giving up because of boredom, a lack of motivation, or a combination of both.

“Our new year is in late February/early March when people realize that, to reach goals, they need professional guidance and motivation in a more private setting,” Dominic added. “Wellness is part of a journey. It’s all about starting and maintaining a well-rounded fitness and nutrition regimen that you can sustain for the long term as a lifestyle. Having a trainer who is genuinely committed to helping you reach your goals can make a difference in short-term and long-term results.”

Statistics show that only a small percentage of well-intentioned men and women who strive to lose weight and improve their overall wellness follow through and transform goals into achieved results. Among the reasons a majority of New Year’s fitness resolutions fall by the wayside by March include a lack of familiarity with the right blend of exercises and uncertainty of proper form and technique, Dominic believes. Then there is perhaps the primary culprit – the challenge of making the time commitment.

“Life is busy, and it is common for someone to say, ‘When it gets less hectic at work, I will start my workout plan’ and “When my kids schedules slow down, I will have more time to exercise,” Dominic said. “These are the reasons people tend to give when they are asked what is preventing them from fully moving forward with their fitness goals.

“Considering that most people have busy schedules year-round year after year, there will likely never be an ideal period when you have unlimited time and energy to focus on exercise and nutrition,” Dominic added. “Making your wellness a priority is a decision that only you can make, but once you do and have the right motivation and guidance, you start seeing results and feeling better, and you are more likely to sustain that momentum.”

Accountability and motivation are among the most valuable benefits of working with a personal trainer, Dominic explains.

“Training sessions are appointments to work out, and most people are driven to keep those appointments compared to going to the gym on their own,” Dominic explained. “Then, when you walk through the doors and your training session begins, a trainer makes sure you have the proper posture and technique so you perform the exercises correctly and efficiently.

“You are more apt to stop at the first sign of fatigue when you are on your own, but with the guidance and motivation from your trainer, you give all you have to complete each set,” he added. “When consistency and time, this leads to positive results.”

Just as you allocate money into investments that you hope will reap financial reward in the future, exercise is a long-term investment into your wellness vision that can generate dividends with how you look and feel, and your health and well-being, Dominic believes.

A former physique competitor who earned a degree in exercise science at Sinclair Community College, Dominic launched 30 West Fit in 2015. He recently added three trainers and expanded into a larger space in the same building, allowing the studio to accommodate more clients.

30 West Fit offers a complimentary fitness assessment for prospective clients. This involves a meeting where you visit the facility and talk to a trainer about your goals, and then Dominic and his team create a workout and nutrition plan targeted specifically for your objectives.

Exercise and nutrition complement one other, and Dominic establishes a fitness and nutrition plan for each new client. Workouts at 30 West Fit are 30 minutes and designed to generate maximum results in minimal time. Each 30-minute training session incorporates strength training, high intensity cardio, flexibility and core customized to the client’s personal goals. Dominic takes the same approach with nutrition planning, developing a sustainable meal plan that helps support the overall wellness objectives.

The 30 West Fit team has a diverse group of experienced personal trainers, but one common trait they share is a genuine commitment to creating sustainable fitness for their clients. That is what drives them.

“When many people start training, they are at a low point personally and/or physically, and the first step is actually walking through the 30 West Fit doors,” 30 West Fit personal trainer Erik Smith said. “Then we strive to transform that first visit into a consistent wellness plan.

“Fitness is a journey. It takes consistency, proper form and technique, nutrition and motivation to get results,” Erik said. “It’s exciting to see clients accomplish goals they never imagined were possible and feel better physically and mentally because that has a positive impact on their overall quality of life.”

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