Fighting to complete your third set of incline dumbbell chest presses, fatigue sets in around the seventh repetition. If you were at a crowded gym working out on your own, this is likely where you would stop and move on to the next exercise. Not today; not in this case. Dominic Anastasio is your trainer, and in the wellness sanctuary of 30 West Fit, you’re encouraged to continue and successfully finish the last four lifts. You offer every ounce of energy you have, complete the round and feel the temporary burn that is accompanied by the satisfaction of being one step closer to your fitness goals.

Accountability and motivation are among the most valuable benefits of working with Dominic and his team at 30 West Fit.

“Training sessions are essentially appointments to work out, and most people are driven to keep those appointments compared to going to the gym on their own,” Dominic explained. “Then, when you walk through the doors and your training session begins, a trainer makes sure you have the proper posture and technique so you perform the exercises correctly and efficiently.

“You are more apt to stop at the first sign of fatigue when you are on your own, but with the guidance and motivation from your trainer, you give all you have to complete each set,” he added. “When consistency and time, this leads to positive results.”

There was a time, back when he attended Oakwood High School, that Dominic envisioned a career as a health and physical education teacher. Then, after graduation, he earned a degree in exercise science at Sinclair Community College and contemplated a role working for a fitness center or perhaps a health care facility as a trainer. Eventually, the former physique competitor realized that he wanted to carve his own niche guiding clients with their fitness and nutrition goals, which led to the launch of 30 West Fit in 2015.

“It was a leap of faith to secure a loan, lease the space, buy the equipment and open for business; but this is my passion, and I believed this would be a success,” Dominic said.

“When a client begins a wellness plan, results gradually happen over time with commitment and discipline,” he added. “It’s no different in business, and fortunately, word spread because many of my original clients are business owners and business executives who have a wide network of contacts.”

When Dominic opened 30 West Fit, he started with 10 appointments a week. Three years later, he has 65 clients, and with two additional trainers, 30 West Fit has is preparing to expand to a larger location in the same building in early 2019.

Exercise and nutrition complement one other, and Dominic establishes a fitness and nutrition plan for each new client. Workouts at 30 West Fit are 30 minutes and designed to generate maximum results in minimal time. Each 30-minute training session incorporates strength training, high intensity cardio, flexibility and core customized to the client’s personal goals. Dominic takes the same approach with nutrition planning, developing a sustainable meal plan that helps support the overall wellness objectives.

January is the busiest month for traditional fitness facilities, like YMCAs and chain gyms. With good intentions to shed weight and feel better, many people sign up for memberships, only to lose interest after a month or two. Then there are others who join a fitness center, spend a few minutes on a couple machines with a half-hearted effort before walking out because of boredom, a lack of motivation or a combination of both.

“My new year is late February when people realize that, to reach goals, they prefer professional guidance and motivation in a more private setting,” Dominic said. “Wellness is part of a journey. It does not happen in a day or a few weeks. It’s all about starting and maintaining a well-rounded fitness and nutrition regimen that you can sustain for the long term as a lifestyle, and having a trainer who is genuinely committed to helping you reach your goals.”

30 West Fit offers a complimentary fitness assessment for prospective clients. This involves a meeting where you visit the facility and talk to a trainer about your goals, and then Dominic and his team create a workout and nutrition plan targeted specifically for your objectives.

Many 30 West Fit clients have worked out at gyms before, but a high percentage of them have not achieved desired results because they were not implementing proper form.

“If you don’t know which exercises are most effective for the goals you have, you are unlikely to achieve those goals,” Dominic said. “For example, if your goal is to build core strength but you spend all your time on cardio exercises, then you are unlikely to hit your goal.

“Education when performing exercises is essential in reducing the risk of injury and achieving goals like losing weight and adding muscle and overall strength,” he added. “Having someone trained in how to execute the exercises will greatly reduce the level of risk and increase the effectiveness of your fitness routine.”

High school athletes striving to get stronger, faster and leaner for their respective sports. People with health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart issues. Men and women seeking to revive their fitness regiments to lose weight and feel better. Wellness enthusiasts determined to reach new heights. 30 West Fit has a variety of clients, and Dominic’s passion for inspiring others accomplish what they thought might not be possible is what has spurred the facility’s growth.

“As a personal trainer, I’m a guide for exercise, nutrition and motivation; and I believe that clients see that deep interest in our mission here,” Dominic said. “I took a leap of faith and believed in myself when I opened 30 West Fit, and it’s my ultimate goal to help clients believe in themselves and what they can accomplish with consistency and commitment.”

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