Erik Smith

Personal Trainer

A Tecumseh High School graduate, Erik Smith played college basketball at Northwood University in Florida under the legendary Rollie Massimino before returning to Dayton to pursue a degree in exercise science at Sinclair Community College. That path led him to becoming a certified personal trainer, incorporating his athletic background into helping others achieve wellness results.

“When I started lifted weights, I had no idea what I was doing. I was just a kid trying to get stronger for basketball,” Erik said. “In many cases, people work with a trainer because they have never done a strength training program, or they have done some weight lifting, but they do not know proper form and technique. I remember what that is like, and it is rewarding to prepare a plan for clients and help them gain results with proper guidance and motivation.”

The 30 West Fit team has a diverse group of experienced personal trainers, but one common trait they share is a genuine commitment to creating sustainable fitness for their clients. That is what drives Erik.

“When many people start training, they are at a low point personally and/or physically, and the first step is actually walking through the 30 West Fit doors,” Erik said. “Then we strive to transform that first visit into a consistent wellness plan.

“Fitness is a journey. It takes consistency, proper form and technique, nutrition and motivation to get results,” Erik said. “It’s exciting to see clients accomplish goals they never imagined were possible and feel better physically and mentally because that has a positive impact on their overall quality of life.”