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A Centerville High School graduate, Chase Meade studied physical therapy at Sinclair Community College when he was introduced to the personal training field.

He played football growing up and then transitioned to kickboxing in high school. It was then he did intensive strength training to complement his kickboxing instruction. While attending Sinclair, he taught kickboxing, and a student who was a personal trainer recommended Chase pursue a career in that field. He found his passion and became a certified personal trainer.

“I remember what it was like when I was a teenager who was skinny and not as strong, and I saw first-hand how important strength training is to becoming a successful athlete,” Chase said. “Different people are at different stages of their life and fitness level, but we all have the same goals – to improve our wellness – and that is why I love what I do as a trainer because I help people reach goals that improve their overall well-being.”

Chase eventually plans to finish his physical therapy degree requirements and combine a career in training and physical therapy. He believes the physical therapy knowledge bolsters his effectiveness as a personal trainer.

“Whether it is a 75-year-old client who has endured multiple surgeries or a teenage athlete determined to get stronger and faster for basketball, I understand how to create and maintain their workout regimens since I understand their strengths and limitations,” Chase said. “With our equipment, facility and approach, 30 West Fit is a studio designed to get results for people of all ages and fitness levels.”

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