Personal Trainer

Adam Bolden sees a little bit of himself in many clients he trains, especially those who are not happy with the way they look and want to make positive changes for the long term.

“I remember what it was like to be a skinny kid with little confidence,” Adam explained. “Then, after an injury playing high school football, my cousin introduced by to weight training, and that had a lifelong impact.”

In those teenage years, once he became immersed in weight training, Adam evolved from a skinny kid with little confidence to a fit young adult motivated to make a difference helping others achieve wellness. He earned a degree in health and physical education and is a teacher at Alter High School, and he is an experienced certified personal trainer.

“There is an obesity crisis because of poor lifestyle habits, but through educating and inspiring people — whether they are kids or adults — we can establish positive habits that have a lifelong affect on health and wellness,” Adam said. “As a trainer, we provide guidance on proper form and technique, and creating a customized workout regimen, and we also inspire and motivate to help people maintain their fitness plan once they start. When people see progress, they feel inspired to continue reaching for new goals, and it is my commitment to help them reach those goals.”

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